How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A 2 Story House

How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A 2 Story House

How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A 2 Story House

Tired of rubbing your grimy walls that are starting to resemble a gothic mansion more and more? Are you annoyed with all the cleaning supplies you have bought and used over the years without much effect? Or maybe you’re just tired of trying everything, only for it to turn out that it does not work. Whatever the case, power washing is the solution to all your troubles. Now you can literally wash away your problems, wink wink.

What Is Pressure Washing?

It is literally what the name applies. This rapidly rising fame technique is one of the best ways to clean the exteriors of your homes or even interiors if you get all the wood out. The water was mixed with some mild, biodegradable detergent and sprayed from a nozzle at extremely high pressure. That high pressure will quickly remove grime, dirt, chemicals, and even paints, mold, mildew, and cobweb.

Suffice it to say, it is effortless to figure out if something is washed by high-pressure washing just by looking at it because it is that effective. Moreover, it is cost-effective, saves time, and does not damage anything in the process.

What Is Included In Pressure Washing?

Actually, this is misleading. The correct statement would be: what projects fall under pressure washing?

Nevertheless, here is a list.

  1. Driveway:

Driveways are among the top projects that fall under pressure washing. And it makes sense because not many things can take away all that dirt and grime that has stuck to the place for years.

  1. Sidewalks:

It’s not exactly rare to find a sidewalk or a walkway completely hidden under all the sand, mud, dirt,, and even grass. That one is a combination of digging all the dirt and pressure washing the emerging walkway.

  1. patio:

The patio is also a significant project just like driveways because it is exposed to outside elements. That is a given, considering what it is.

  1. Roofs:

Roofs just keep collecting dust, debris, and grime, way more than any other place because it is not a common place to be cleaned. Thus, cleaning a roof with pressure washing is the only solution is the only choice in many cases.

  1. Fence:

And why wouldn’t fences become dirty, hmm? Not only are the exposure to weather and other things, but every man and pet walking by would also consider it their holy duty to touch it when passing by.

  1. Sidings:

Yes, sidings only are also an option in case you only want the exterior of the house to be cleaned and nothing else.

  1. Gutters:

No need to explain how filthy they would be, covered with mold and mildew.

  1. Houses:

This article is written for pressure washing a house, isnโ€™t it?

  1. Garage:

Well, car tires bring along enough filth to make any home cleaner weep. Pressure washing is the only option that will save time and energy but that point.

How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A 2 Story House?

On average, pressure washing a two-story house can cost anywhere from $110 to $280 or even $350. It depends on the effort, and how much of the area is to be cleaned. In fact, depending upon the size of the property and the total area, your bill might even exceed $500 or even a whopping $1800. That is more true if the whole place has not been cleaned for a long time and needs a major overall.

The rates can change depending upon location, and the interest rates change due to inflation.

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