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When it comes to exterior cleaning services, hiring the right company should be simple, and stress free. With our reliable reputation and years of successful experience, we are the best of the best.

Each team member is thoroughly background checked, and properly trained for each service. We specialize in Pressure Washing which includes driveway cleanings, patio cleaning and siding cleaning. In addition we offer a soft wash service for the exterior of the home. This means we can clean the home’s exterior without using high pressure. Soft washing is extremely popular for roof cleaning because of its high success rate for being able to magically transform your roof. Soft washing results in a cleaner, and healthier roof for all types of roofs. The softwash chemical makes easy work of Moss, Algae, Mildew, and Lichen. Which is another reason why it’s one of the most effective exterior cleaning services for your home’s health. In addition we pride ourselves in our detailed Solar panel cleaning service. Which allows for maximum efficiency for the panels once cleaned. And lastly we offer the best Gutter Cleaning service in town. Each downspout is thoroughly checked and tested and we always provide photos to our valued clients after each job

Exterior Cleaning Services!


Driveway Cleaning

We offer the best driveway cleaning services in all of Sacramento and nearby cities. With our commercial grade equipment we are able to proudly state no job is too big for EXT Cleaning! Our surface cleaners are able to leave a noticeable new clean look to any driveway. We look forward to seeing you!

Patio Cleaning

Our Patio Cleaning Services are second to none. A dirty patio can affect the look of everything around it. Because patios are generally a lighter color they are susceptible to collecting dust and dirt making the surrounding area look less clean. This is where we come in. We offer a service that can bring any patio back to life. We make sure to detail clean every inch of the patio to ensure a cleaner look and feel. A clean, safe space for the family to enjoy is always a necessity. Call now for a quick and easy quote! See you soon.

Siding Cleaning

Siding Cleaning

We offer the best siding cleaning services in all of Sacramento and areas nearby. Naturally because siding is an exterior surface it is susceptible to the outdoor environment and weather. We specialize in detail cleaning your siding to bring a new fresh paint look to your home. Call now for a quick, competitive quote! See you soon.

Moss Removal

We proudly offer the best moss removal treatment in the greater Sacramento area and more. We have devised a strategic and effective way to remove moss and prolong moss growth. In Northern California moss growth is very common on roofs. We have built quite the resume for removing and treating moss. WIth our effective two step removal process not only does your home look cleaner, but it calls for a healthier, longer lasting roof in the future. Call now to see if your home can benefit from our moss removal service!

Gutter Cleaning

We offer the best gutter cleaning services sacramento in town! We have mastered an efficient way to get your gutters clog free and working properly. Our two step process ensures your gutters will be able to do their job efficiently and properly as designed. Give us a call today for a quick and effortless estimate!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning in Northern California is a must. Anyone that has seen solar panels before can agree there is a noticeable accumulation of dust that tends to form on the panels. The maintenance of the panels is something that is often overlooked. A dirty panel will not generate as much electricity and will not be as effective as a clean panel. That’s where we come in. We specialize in performing high quality solar panel cleaning services. This service optimizes your panel’s ability to generate power for your family and your home! Thus resulting in a new clean look, and maximum efficiency for the panels. Call now for an accurate and competitive quote! See you soon.

Weโ€™re here for you. Call us at (916) 694-3479 or request an quote online.


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